Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stoked Event a GREAT success!

On behalf of the Crellin Park Foundation, the Chatham Skate Park Committee and the Town of Chatham, I thank you all for helping to make "Stoked" a terrific event!

Special thanks to the following:
Don Naylor of 518 Prints who designed our Stoked logo and invitation and the t-shirts!

Bill Thompson for the incredibly difficult task of hanging the pieces (job well done!) along with assistance from Wendy Carroll, Tempe Dicintio and Loren Weinheimer!

Tommy Carlucci for the great food and service as always!......Thank you to your staff for volunteering, especially Rita Soares-Kern, Frank and Josh.
Donna Carlucci and BethAnn Rippel for spearheading the Basket Raffle and Donna's sister, Dawn, for lending us her wrapping "expertise"!!! and thank you to all of our vendors for participating!

Our Chatham High School student musicians, Joe Ulmer, Phelan McGreal, and Chris Meier for volunteering their talent and time. You guys are great!

Rose, Bill and Dorothy at Art Omi...we greatly appreciate the use of the space.

Sesame Campbell, The Chatham Courier and David Lee, The Columbia Paper, our local news reporters, for covering our event!

Our Traffic Control Team: Carrie Hammell, Adam Torrey and Barry Rings

Our Skate Park Committee: Laurie Quinn, Dominique, Dawson, and Dylan DeVito, Beth, Cydney and Carley Rippel, Tempe Dicintio, Kris Qua, Shari and Brandon Tessitore, Dominic and Gavin Shelow.

Our major sponsors: Jack Shear, the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation, Hudson River Bank and Trust Foundation, and Judy Grunberg of the T. Backer Fund.

To our Foundation Board members: Tammy Shaw, Carol Gregg, Beth Rippel, Jean Rohde, Nancy Hammell and Donna Carlucci, I couldn't have done this without you!!!

To all who purchased boards and created some fun bidding wars!

And to our Contributing Artists, your work was amazing and we appreciate the hard work and imagination you put into this project! To those of which I misspelled your names, I greatly apologize!!! I will do a better job next time! And if i have forgotten anyone...I'm truly sorry and i thank you.

Dan Devine, Peter Acheson, Bill Thompson, Marie-Claude Giroux, Aaron Gaylord, Chris Schober, Licha Jimenez, Kris Qua, Greg Dunn, Dustin Horan, Dan Belcher, Christian Minick, Izzy Acheson, Sabrina Soares-Kern, Wayne Coe, Rose Godfrey-Connors, Tempe Dicintio, Anita Seay, Kathleen Ellis, Kelly Kynion, Loren Weinheimer, Lisa Solomon, Lee Harrison, Lauren Mundy, Ned Snyder, Marina Greenstein, Gwenn Sherman, Jennie Neu Duncan, Chris Neumann, Judith Meier, Tom Curran, Jesse Curran, Wendy Carroll, Lisa Miranda Johnson, Chatham Police Department, Tom Hope, Julia Erickson, Millie Rossman Kidd, Marcia Curran,
Kevin Morris, Tammy Gallo Walter, Linda B. Horn, Caren Behn & Ardal Powell

I look forward to doing another show in the future. Thanks again for your support. It means alot!Shari Franks

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